Want to groove in the kitchen? Learn to dance your way through meal prep and book a 20 min healthy cooking discovery call!

I’m Hannah, your dancing chef!

As a healthy cooking consultant, teacher, culinary entertainer, and dance artist I delight in sharing the life-enhancing benefits of the nutritional and creative arts to re-enchant our relationship with food and revitalize our lives.

Let’s cook up some fun!

Do you long to feel more vitality, ease, and energy? I’m here to remind you that food is medicine, healthcare begins in the home, and how your prepare your meals matters. One of the most impactful things we can do to heal our bodies, communities and the planet is to re-embrace the art of the home-cooked meal. Do you need inspiration in the kitchen to support your health journey? Get in touch to book a complimentary Virtual Kitchen Consultation or Saladmaster Healthy Cooking Show, book an entertaining Dance & Dish event, or to reserve your spot in Foodture Cooking Classes.

I teach belly dance and other kinds of dance classes, too, which helps improve digestion and lifts the spirits! Find my online community on Patreon, book private lessons or a dance party, or join my weekly class Sundays 10:30 am at Contessi Ballet Penngrove CA. Learn more about dance lessons with Hannah.

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Pumpkin Soup


Celebration Salad


Pumpkin Chili


Lemon Pistachio Cardamom Cake


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Let’s Dance & Dish!

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Book a Dance-a-Salad Show!

Delight your lunch event, office party, or dinner guests with a unique opportunity to watch a gorgeous and delicious fresh organic salad made before your eyes! “Kitchen Muse” Hannah Romanowsky will gracefully and joyfully dance a salad, performing to music, serving up smiles and laughter as she prepares the dish.

Contact Hannah for details.