Like to Dance, Cook, and Travel? You’re in the right place!

Learn to dance & cook from your kitchen, and travel the world without leaving your home

Hello, I’m Hannah! I’m a professional dancer, cultural arts specialist, and healthy cooking coach. I teach people how to dance and cook in the flavor of different cultures. 

Are you feeling blue? I get it. A lot is going on. But what better ways are there to lift your spirits than dance, music, and nourishing food? These original healing arts can help shake off stress, put a smile on your face, and energize your body. Plus, you get to experience other cultures through their expressive and culinary arts. Join me for weekly dance and healthy cooking classes, both on Zoom and at outdoor locations in Marin County, CA.

First class is on me! Send me a message and I’ll save your spot.

What is unique about Romanza Dance Classes?

Dance is only part of the feel-good equation. Have you looked at how your diet might be influencing your mood?  I offer one-on-one FREE nutrition consultations, cookware education, and Saladmaster demos. Contact me to learn more.



Russian Dance and Cooking Class with Hannah Sunday Sept 20 @ 4pm on Zoom!


Hannah Romanowsky, M.A. specializes in Persian, Turkish, and Arabic dances from the Silk Road and beyond. An engaging educator, performing artist, workshop leader, and speaker, she has devoted over 20 years to researching, embodying, and teaching women’s dances and embodied healing traditions from the Middle East and Central Asia.


Nurture your body and lift your spirits through spine-awakening undulations and shimmies. Come “shake it off” with us and fill your vessel with joy! Cultivate the art of moving with grace while learning dance from world cultures. Weekly classes on Zoom and at an outdoor location in Corta Madera, CA. Private lessons are also available.


Explore cuisine from different cultures and learn to make yummy, nutritionally dense meals to boost your immune system through Dance & Dish monthly workshops and Saladmaster healthy cooking classes.  Share the gift of health and earn free Saladmaster cookware through our generous referral program.

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I just spent two days with Hannah and a diverse group of spirited women on the Spin, Shake, Sway workshop exploring whirling and the Moroccan Guedra, and the experience made me reconnect with dancing at a very deep and intense level. I felt so alive and free in the space where your body and your soul intersect, and beauty and healing naturally happen. The location was magical and the perfect setting for our group.
Regina J.


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