Learn to dance your way through the kitchen and book a 30 min free healthy cooking consultation with Hannah!

I’m Hannah, your dancing chef!

As a healthy cooking consultant, culinary entertainer, and dance artist, I am dedicated to sharing the life-enhancing benefits of the nutritional and creative healing arts to re-enchant our dinner plate and revitalize our bodies.

Let’s Dance & Dish!

Do you long to feel more vitality, ease, and energy in your body? My goal is to inspire and empower you on the path to a healthier lifestyle. One of the most impactful things we can do to heal our bodies and the planet is to re-embrace the art of the home-cooked meal. Get in touch to book a complimentary Virtual Kitchen Consultation or Saladmaster Healthy Cooking Show, book an entertaining Dance & Dish event, or to reserve your spot in Foodture Community Recipe Classes.

I teach belly dance classes, too, which helps improve digestion and lifts the spirits! Find me on Patreon , book a lesson or dance party, or join my class Sunday 10:30 am at Contessi Ballet Penngrove CA.

Learn How to Prepare Healthy & Delicious Meals.

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Pumpkin Soup


Celebration Salad


Pumpkin Chili


Lemon Pistachio Cardamom Cake


Fig Carrot Apple Salad


Spring Green Salad


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Let’s Dance & Dish!

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Hannah makes Gazpacho

Hannah goes back in time!

Cake or Salad?

Book a Salad-Gram!

Delight your lunch event, office party, or dinner guests with a unique opportunity to watch a gorgeous and delicious fresh organic salad made before your eyes! Healthy cooking specialist and professional performing artist Hannah will gracefully and joyfully “dance a salad” performing to music serving up smiles and laughter as she prepares the dish.

Contact Hannah for details.

See Hannah dance a salad!