Let’s Dance and Dish!

Hello, I’m Hannah! Are you energized by dance and music and inspired to explore culinary and cultural arts?  If so, you’re in the right place!  I’m a professional dance artist and teacher, cultural arts specialist, and healthy cooking coach. I am passionate about helping people feel more refreshed, happy, and alive in their bodies through the complementary arts of dance and cooking. 

I believe we can overcome many challenges and live more healthful, fruitful lives when we love our body and feed it music and wholesome food. This deep nourishment makes the body dance and the heart sing!

After all, what better ways are there to lift your spirits and shift your mood than dance, music, and nourishing food? These original healing arts can help shake off stress, put a smile on your face, and energize your body. Plus, we can connect to one another, overcoming many differences, through the sharing of our expressive and culinary arts.

Like to dance, or want to learn how? Join me for weekly classes (live in San Rafael CA or on Zoom), or book me for private dance lessons to explore new ways to move with grace and style while releasing stress and promoting good feelings.  Even more, dance can support physical, emotional, and mental suppleness, provide a powerful way to practice the art of adaptability during times of change. 

Like to cook, or want to learn how? I work with a team of nutritionists and cookware educators who are passionate about teaching people how to cook in healthier and happier ways. If you want to learn how to optimize the nutritional value of your food and reduce exposure to toxins and heavy metals, let’s set up a 30-minute consultation to discover how I may be able to assist you. 

Virtual and in-person (Marin County CA) options are available.



What is unique about Romanza Dance Classes?



Like to cook, or want to learn? Concerned about protecting the health of your family? Saladmaster is the ONLY cookware I trust in my home and use for my classes. Book me for a FREE educational and interactive healthy cooking class and Saladmaster dinner party to learn more. More info at:  www.makethebestsalads.com


“Dance & Dish”  Dance and Cooking Classes!  Contact me to book.




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A week later and still relishing in the magical afterglow! Seriously, much to my surprise I am still reaping the benefits and riding the waves of such a weekend. Personally it was an end of an era, and what better way to initiate a new beginning, than to breathe in new life with ritual, spinning, baddass women, wonderful food, perfect location and gorgeous weather. Outstanding!
Melinda C.
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