Come Dance & Dish with Hannah Romanowsky!

Hello, I’m Hannah!  I’m a professional dancer, teacher, and nutritional coach. I am passionate about helping people feel more refreshed, happy, and alive in their bodies through the complementary arts of movement, music, and healthy cooking.  

I believe we can become more resilient and live more vibrant, fruitful lives when we feed our bodies wholesome food and drink from the well of music and embodied inspiration. This deep nourishment makes the body dance and the heart sing!

Like to cook, or want to learn how? I want to help you feel more empowered in the kitchen so cooking can be a joyful and gratifying experience.  Like to dance, or want to learn how? Join one of my group classes or schedule a free consultation with me and I can help get you started.  Whether you’re into dancing or cooking, let’s set up a free 30-minute consultation to discover how I may be able to assist you.   With love, Hannah

Watch a video of Hannah having fun in the kitchen!



New Dance Class in Point Richmond at Hidden City Ballroom!





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The potency of sacred women’s spaces was made evident to me during this beautiful two day healing dance ritual. That experience of learning, of playing, and of connecting to our feminine power through community and the container held so humbly and graciously by Hannah will stay with me forever, and has become fuel for a new passion in my life to explore Sufi and Berber traditional, meditative dance. My deepest gratitude goes to all women of the dance, now, and throughout all of time.
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