Learn to dance your way through the kitchen.

Hi, I’m Hannah!

As a healthy cooking coach, my passion lies in sharing the joy and beauty of life-enhancing culinary arts and making it easier for you to prepare healthy meals at home.

Let’s Dance & Dish!

Do you long to feel more vitality, ease, and energy in your body? I aim to inspire and empower you on the path to a healthier lifestyle. Get in touch to book a Saladmaster cooking show, a virtual healthy cooking consultation, or to reserve your spot in our community culinary classes.

Healthcare begins in the home, and I want to help you dance your way through the kitchen. Let’s embark on a healthy culinary adventure together!

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Learn How to Prepare Healthy & Delicious Meals.

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Asparagus Pea Soup


Celebration Salad


Armenian Apricot Soup


Lemon Pistachio Cardamom Cake


Fig Carrot Apple Salad


Spring Green Salad


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Let’s Dance & Dish!

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Hannah makes Gazpacho

Hannah goes back in time!

Cake or Salad?

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Delight your staff or party friends with a surprise delivery of a gourmet salad, prepared before your eyes to music by professional dance entertainer Hannah Romanowsky! Contact Hannah for details.

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