Are you energized by dance and music? Do you feel inspired to explore culinary and cultural arts?  If so, you’re in the right place! 

Hello, I’m Hannah.  I’m a professional dance artist and teacher, cultural arts specialist, and Saladmaster healthy cooking coach. I am passionate about helping people feel more refreshed, happy, and alive in their bodies through dance and cooking.

I believe we can overcome many challenges and live more healthful, thriving lives when we regularly move our body to music and feed it nourishing food.

After all, what better ways are there to lift your spirits and shift your mood than dance, music, and nourishing food? These original healing arts can help shake off stress, put a smile on your face, and energize your body. Plus, you get a taste of different cultures through their expressive and culinary arts.

Join me for weekly classes (live in San Rafael CA or on Zoom), or book me for private dance lessons to explore ways to release tension move with more grace.  I also offer lively Dance & Dish cooking and dance parties and educational Saladmaster dinner parties for you and your friends!

Virtual and in-person (Marin County CA) options are available.



What is unique about Romanza Dance Classes?



Like to cook, or want to learn? Concerned about protecting the health of your family? Saladmaster is the ONLY cookware I trust in my home and use for my classes. Book me for a FREE educational and interactive healthy cooking class and Saladmaster dinner party to learn more. More info at:


“Dance & Dish”  Dance and Cooking Classes!  Contact me to book.




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The potency of sacred women’s spaces was made evident to me during this beautiful two day healing dance ritual. That experience of learning, of playing, and of connecting to our feminine power through community and the container held so humbly and graciously by Hannah will stay with me forever, and has become fuel for a new passion in my life to explore Sufi and Berber traditional, meditative dance. My deepest gratitude goes to all women of the dance, now, and throughout all of time.
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