About Hannah Romanowsky

Thanks so much for visiting my website! I’m a San Francisco bay area native who lives in Sonoma County with my husband, professional dance teaching artist Tom Mayock and our sweet kitty Niles. I love that I get to dance and cook for a living! It brings me joy to inspire others to move their bodies in new ways, explore the embodied healing arts from different cultural perspectives, and teach people how to make nourishing meals that feed the body and soul.

I’ve been a dance artist and teacher for over 25 years. I grew up on the stage, trained in ballet and other western dance arts, and engaged in community musical theater productions. Later, my interest in travel, anthropology, history, and world culture drew me to study dance from the Near East and Central Asia. I frequently performed for weddings and other community events and was fortunate to be a part of different cultural rituals and traditions. Like music and dance, food often played a central role in these festivities. It inspired me to start exploring the culinary arts of Iran and the greater Middle East. 

Hannah’s Professional Dance Biography

I have always cooked for relaxation, enjoyment, and creativity. I relish nourishing people and providing them with delightful culinary experiences.  In 2019, having had a full career as a dance artist, I was contemplating what was next for me. That is when I discovered Saladmaster and learned I could make a career from my passion for food.

Most importantly given our current health and ecological challenges, I can contribute to bettering the planet by empowering people to eat healthier and protect their bodies from harmful substances that can enter our body systems through our food.

Though semi-retired from performing, I still teach dance and find joy and inspiration in combining my passions for the expressive arts, food, history, and culture. For me, the transition from dancing to cooking is such a natural fit. My research in historical dance and healing practices informs my understanding of the body the powerful role music, movement, and food play in traditional healing. Currently, I am completing my certification in Functional Nutrition so I can better serve my community and help clients get to the root cause of their health challenges.

If the topics of food, health, dance, culture, history, and music inspire you, please read my posts, attend a dance class, or consider hosting a Dance & Dish party for your friends. And don’t forget to join my email list to receive monthly updates.

I am looking forward to connecting with you!



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