Hello, I’m Hannah!

As a healthy cooking coach and culinary entertainer, I empower people to embrace vibrant well-being through the art of the home-cooked meal.

With a focus on making healthy home cooking easier and more joyful, I provide consultations, education, recipes, and innovative kitchen tools, to help you dance your way through the kitchen. (No dance or cooking skills required!)

Consider me your Kitchen Muse! What people are saying

Are you striving to provide your family with healthy meals but lack the time, resources, and inspiration in the kitchen?
I have the solutions you need!
Are you facing health challenges and seeking support on your healing journey?
I am here to assist you!
Together, we can explore ways to nourish your body and regain your vitality.
I am dedicated to helping you achieve your goals!

Optimal digestion is fundamental to health and happiness.

A healthy gut is key to a vibrant life, and a dis-balanced gut is a root cause of virtually all disease. It’s not just what we eat, but about how our bodies effectively absorb and metabolize nutrients, which profoundly influences our emotional, mental, and physical well-being. We all suffer to varying degrees from inflammation and leaky gut because of our modern lifestyle, diet, and environmental toxins. Yet, there are powerful steps we can take towards better health. I can provide you with easy solutions and strategies to help optimize your gut health and increase your overall well-being.

Food holds tremendous healing power.

The transformational act of cooking and eating can be a source of self-care, creative expression, and love. By reclaiming the art of the home-cooked meal, we engage in a profound and revolutionary practice. Our homes become the starting point for healthcare, and we, as cooks, become the primary care physicians. Opting for processed and convenience foods rob our bodies of essential nutrients and put our healthcare in the hands of profit-driven interests that, in the long run, will catch up to us.

I advocate treating ourselves with grace and kindness, and cultivating respect for our bodies. Empowered with the right tools and knowledge, we can approach our food with both reverence and playfulness. I do not endorse any specific diet, but rather champion each individual’s unique physiology, life experiences, and circumstances. Together, we can explore the nutritional nudges and lifestyle adaptations that will support your well-being and facilitate your body’s innate healing potential.

A Passionate Team of Healers

None of us can do good work alone, and we all have something unique we bring to the table. I am blessed to have an incredible team of healers to lock arms with in the shared mission of helping to heal our communities and planet. They include nutritionists, acupuncturists, chiropractors, therapists, bodyworkers, and other health and wellness practitioners. If you are struggling with health challenges and searching for answers, I can point you in the direction. I’m happy to give referrals and provide resources, so just ask!

My background

My background in embodied healing cultural, and performing arts has provided me with a rich understanding that healing is about creating the right environment for the body to heal.

Biological diversity promotes the healing of our planet, just as dietary diversity promotes the healing of our body. The more choices we have, the greater our capacity for adaptation and healing.

It brings me joy to inspire others to move their bodies in new ways, explore the embodied healing arts from different cultural perspectives, and teach people how to make nourishing meals that feed the body and soul.

Movement, music, and nourishing food – and I would add beauty, art, nature, healing touch, laughter, and community – are keys to healthy living, So let’s add some flavor and color to your life. Let’s get cooking!

Dance & Dish Interactive Catering

Dance & Dish blends art, entertainment, education, healthy lifestyle, and cuisine to create unique culinary experiences that nourish body and soul. Book me to come dance a salad or prepare a delicious and healthy meal for your next wellness, social or arts event!

Healthy Cooking for Dancers

As a professional dance artist, I understand the challenges we face around healthy eating. Dancers need nourishing, nutritionally dense meals that are easy to prepare, easy to digest, and support an active lifestyle. Host me for a healthy cooking class at your dance school or studio.

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