Why do people love Saladmaster cookware?

Saladmaster’s innovative cooking system retains more nutrients than traditional cookware and cooks food in half the time. It acts as a non-stick but without the harmful chemicals of non-stick coatings, making it possible to cook without oil. (Even so-called “non-toxic” or “green” non-stick surfaces release chemicals.)

Not only does Saladmaster’s unique patented technology retain over 90% of the vitamins, minerals, fiber, phyto-chemicals, and water in cooked foods, but it saves you time in the kitchen and money on your energy bill. Given the energy savings alone, it is the most eco-friendly and economical choice for quality cookware.

Most importantly, Saladmaster protects your health by making it easy to prepare nutritionally dense and delicious meals on the safest cooking surface available. Book our virtual demo to learn more.

Saladmaster has a number of key features that are unique to our company, including patented technology that locks in nutrition while speeding up cooking time. Because our surface is made from implant-grade stainless steel with titanium it acts as a non-stick, is easy to clean, and will not release heavy metals and chemicals.

We like to say our relationship with customers begins when they invest in a set of cookware. Saladmaster owners automatically join our cooking club and can attend our cooking classes (in Windsor CA and online) free of charge. Owners have access to tools, tips, healthy recipes, community, and other resources, as well as a limited lifetime warranty, special discounts, and promotions. We have programs that give people the opportunity to earn extra money and cookware, too.

Saladmaster is committed to ethical manufacturing processes.

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