Why do people love the Saladmaster cooking system?

Saladmaster goes above and beyond any conventional cookware. It is a specialized cooking system that has been scientifically designed to allow you to cook with no water, no oil, no fat, in an airtight titanium vessel, at low temperatures and turns your food back into natural medicine that heals you from the inside out. It is your personal health chef.

Saladmaster’s unique patented technology retains 93% of the vitamins, minerals, fiber, phyto-chemicals, and water in cooked food. This means your food is more nutrient-dense and you are satiated on less, saving you money on groceries, and helping to combat diabetes and other dietary diseases. Plus in Saladmaster your meal cooks on low heat in half the time, saving you time in the kitchen and money on your energy bill.

Saladmaster acts as a non-stick but without the harmful chemicals of non-stick coatings, making it possible to cook without oil. Even so-called “non-toxic” or “green” non-stick surfaces release chemicals, and there is no such thing as a healthy non-stick. Read the EPA health advisory on PFAS, including GenX

Saladmaster protects your health by making it easy to prepare nutritionally dense and delicious meals on the safest cooking surface available.

How to purchase Saladmaster products

We don’t sell our products online or in stores because education is needed to appreciate the differences between this innovative technology and mass-produced conventional cookware. Our signature free promotion, the Saladmaster cooking show, gives potential buyers the opportunity to see the cooking system in action through a first-hand experience of the superior taste and health benefits of our system. We will cook a 5-course meal for you, your friends, and family and gift you a Saladmaster food processor, so you can start changing your eating habits in the kitchen.

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Saladmaster has a number of key features that are unique to our company, including patented technology that locks in nutrition while speeding up cooking time. Because our surface is made from implant-grade stainless steel with titanium it acts as a non-stick, is easy to clean, and will not release heavy metals and chemicals.

We like to say our relationship with customers begins when they invest in a set of cookware. Saladmaster owners automatically join our cooking club and can attend our cooking classes (in Windsor, Napa, and Novato CA, and online) free of charge. Owners have access to tools, tips, healthy recipes, community, and other resources, as well as a limited lifetime warranty, special discounts, and promotions.

Are you a nutritionist, fitness coach, acupuncturist, chiropractor or other health-related coach or practitioner? Partner with us to help support your clients needs. We have a booking and referral partner programs that give people the opportunity to earn extra money and cookware. Schedule a zoom chat with Hannah to learn more.

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This amazing machine will transform your experience in the kitchen, making it easier to get more veggies in your diet while saving you hours of prep time. Ask Hannah how to get one for free.

Saladmaster is committed to ethical manufacturing processes.

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Want to try out the cookware for yourself before making a purchase?

We don’t sell online or in stores. To learn how to get a piece of Saladmaster cookware for free, schedule a complimentary kitchen consultation with Hannah via zoom.

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