Cooking for Health with Saladmaster

I dance and I cook.

These activities nourish my soul, strengthen my body, and provide opportunities for creativity, relaxation, and fun. I’m a huge fan of Saladmaster cookware and recommend it for anyone concerned about good health.

Founded in the 1940’s, Saladmaster is a trusted, established company on the cutting edge of cookware technology. Our cooking  system keeps the integrity and value of whole foods we cook and prepare, making food more nutritious and cooking more enjoyable.

If you are health conscious, and care about your family’s health you need to know about the cookware surfaces your might be cooking on. Waterless and oil-less 316TI Surgical Stainless Steel with Titanium cookware is the best choice for healthy cooking. Read more about the benefits of cooking with Saladmaster

As a teacher and presenter, I am proud to educate about the impact of cookware  on your health at in-home dinner parties and for virtual demos.  What to expect at a virtual demo

While sheltering in place I was inspired to create these videos featuring our amazing food processor (one of our free gifts for referrals) and cookware. Hope you enjoy them!