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Hannah Romanowsky, M.A. is a professional performing artist, teacher, and choreographer with decades of experience in the dance arts. She is in high demand for her expertise in cultural dance traditions and performs throughout the United States and beyond for international weddings and events.

Classically trained with a life-long affinity for the stage, her repertoire is wide-ranging, with a specialty in traditional dance from the Middle East and Silk Road.

Hannah loves enchanting audiences and enhancing special occasions with the beauty, joy and liveliness that the performing arts brings.

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A soloist with the esteemed Ballet Afsaneh, Ms Romanowsky has been a featured artist at some of the most prestigious venues in the San Francisco Bay Area, including the Asian Art Museum, de Young Museum, Legion of Honor, and the Palace of Fine Arts, as well as the Houston Museum of Modern Art, British Museum in London, and international arts festivals and theaters across Asia and Europe. Hannah has performed for Google, FaceBook, Benefit Cosmetics, Oracle, Salesforce, Lawrence Livermore Labs, Oakland Ballet, the Marin Symphony, as well as for numerous wineries, charities, fundraisers, academic institutions, celebrities, and exclusive private events.

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Hannah is available for master classes and choreography workshops highlighting the Silk Road and Middle Eastern dance arts, as well as for group social events. Hannah is devoted to inspiring people to find joy in moving to music and learning to dance in new ways with grace, ease, and style.

Event Performance Testimonials

Hannah radiates an inner joy, a celebration of the divine, that glows and grows inside her audience. Watching Hannah dance, one finds herself channeled into the timeless essence of feminine grace. – Anne B.

Hannah was every bit the talented artist, entertainer, and professional at our wedding reception performance. She brought with her the most interesting and authentic music and dance group, all of whom captured the attention of the guests and brought a whole new dynamic to the party. Hannah is charming and engaging – two traits that make watching her perform an absolute delight. -Kara W., San Rafael CA

My husband & I were enchanted by Hannah’s dancing. Her movement is graceful and fluid; her every muscle is in the dance. Exquisite. Ms. Romanza is also a beautiful woman with a smile that radiates delight. She is a sheer joy to watch. -Donna G & Brad VE, Oakland, CA

Hannah did a wonderful, classy, and soulful dance performance and made my wife’s 40th Birthday event a memorable one for me and my guests!! Hannah performed in two parts – Theatrical Performance and Audience Participation. She entered with a veil to a fast, exciting piece of music to capture the attention of my guests. She followed the music with accents, pops, and locks with her body and hips, a truly invigorating spectacle! Next, she encouraged my guests to dance with her and join in the fun! Lastly, she ended with a finale and gracefully exited the performance area. Hannah exceeded my expectations of a beautiful and graceful belly dance performer!

Hannah was amazing. Very professional, yet approachable. She put us all at ease and expended considerable energy in teaching us all the “moves” EVERY SINGLE PERSON AT MY BIRTHDAY BASH PARTICIPATED WHOLEHEARTEDLY AND IT WAS A JOYFUL, HAPPY, WONDERFUL EXPERIENCE. THANK YOU SO MUCH. -Susanne S

Hannah radiates an inner joy, a celebration of the divine, that glows and grows inside her audience. Watching Hannah dance, one finds herself channeled into the timeless essence of feminine grace. Anne B.

For years, Hannah’s performance and teaching have been a highlight of my annual women’s weekend. She is a gifted, creative, expert dancer who engages and amazes the audience with her style and skill. It’s beautiful to watch her flow, bend, glide, and shimmy. Bringing the observers into the dance, Hannah provides props and instruction. Dancing with her is a blast. All my women friends loved it. I highly recommend her for any event. She is personable and professional. Don’t hesitate, she’s great! – Marcy Levine

Hannah was just amazing. I loved planning my event with her. She was very professional. She had great ideas and an understanding of what I wanted. She was punctual and had everything under control from when she arrived until her departure. Her dancing was amazing and her ability to get all involved was just how I imagined. I highly recommend her. -Carole M., Mill Valley CA

Class and Workshop Testimonials

My life has positively changed since I attended Hannah’s classes. She has shown me a new wonderful world through her dance teaching. I have become happier and more confident in myself. She is beautiful, kind, fun, and very good at teaching. I am so grateful for meeting her. – Annette C.

Hannah is amazing!!!! I love her Dance and Dish sessions. She has taught me so much about the importance of healthy food preparation and safe cookware. Also, dancing with Hannah is pure joy! Her beautiful movements, the music, and her sweet smile energizes me. She is a rare combination of talent, knowledge, and generosity of spirit! Everything she does is filled with love. – Diana B.

Hannah Romanowsky is a fabulous and inventive dance teacher. She takes you on a tour of the Silk Road via dance and cultural references. Her classes are my bliss in life. And there’s more of her than ever, now that she’s teaching online. I’d recommend her to anyone who wants to move with more feminine grace. – Leslie L.

Hanna is a beautiful dancer and a fantastic teacher. It’s such a pleasure to have a class with her! – Susan M.

I really enjoy Hannah’s class, it is fun and her smile is for sure contagious. The music is beautiful. – Sonia

I’ve taken dozens of group classes and several private lessons with Hannah, and she is an excellent teacher! I love that she is very passionate about what she does and cares about her students. Her instruction is consistently inspiring and exciting, and I always learn new techniques that help me develop and have more fun with my dancing. Highly recommend! – Odette B.

Each half-day was another experience in another culture….and we got to dance it, dress and experience it! I am filled with gratitude!!! – Alicia E., participant

Hannah is such a joyful, knowledgeable teacher. I came to the class as pretty much a non-dancer and felt completely at home in a class of experienced dancers. The camaraderie was quick and sweet! It was an inspiring journey through Mid-Eastern lands. – workshop participant

What a gift to drop the world and enter the sacred and feminine space that Hannah provides. A weekend of dancing, dining, storytelling, and seeing and experiencing the rich images and teachings about women’s cultures from Central Asia, Morocco, Iraq, Afghanistan, Africa, Iran, and Egypt. Immersion into a beautiful world! what fun!!! – workshop participant

As a true dance professional and choreographer Hannah explores the depth of each culture she teaches. Her knowledge and spirit are opened to the world of movements and music. Being a woman of the African diaspora I learned something new about my ancestors. ~ B.R., workshop participant

Hannah’s workshop was exhilarating, joyful, and educational. I felt uplifted afterward and emerged with a positive feeling of lightness. ~Kristen L.

This (weekend retreat) was an utterly beautiful experience. One of the best parts was sharing the feminine energy amongst us divergent women of different ages and dance experiences. Some beginner dancers, some experienced dancers, some young, some older. – workshop participant

Besides being a beautiful, skilled, and knowledgeable dancer, Hannah was an excellent teacher. She was organized in her method so that students learned steps and techniques which were then incorporated into a choreography, we could take home with us and practice. Hannah was able to work with varied dance levels in the class and adjust as needed while maintaining the integrity of the dance genre and style. The class was a lot of fun, and Hannah made everyone feel at ease and able. I look forward to taking future workshops with her and seeing her perform. ~Saundra S.

Hannah Romanowsky is one of the most knowledgeable dancers to study with on the dance circuit. Her desire to share her talent and vast understanding of world dance and culture make her a must-have master instructor for any dancer to train with. And the best part about Hannah Romanowsky is there isn’t an ounce of diva in her! ~ Rebecca D.

Here’s what you need to know about Hannah if you are considering hiring her: Yes, you will get a lot of material and it is excellent content. You will get way more than your money’s worth! ~ Gina G