We would like to offer you the opportunity to earn Saladmaster cookware by referring your friends, family, and colleagues to our virtual healthy cooking workshop from the convenience of their home on Zoom.

All you have to do is successfully invite (3) couples/partners to our 75-min healthy cooking workshop and you will earn a high-quality gift from our company (see options below).

– We will schedule each couple/group separately and set up a date & time to meet them on a Zoom video call.

– You’re welcome to participate in the zoom video call and we encourage it!

– No cost to them or you

Our advertising promotion is a great education about healthy non-toxic cookware and cooking methods that retain more nutrition in cooked meals. There are no gimmicks or catches.

EARN a Referral Hosting Gift!

When you refer 3 separate households (partners encouraged to participate together), you will earn a gift.

The Saladmaster food processor is our most popular referral gift.

You will receive the gift after the 3 workshops have been completed.

You will receive a piece of the highest quality kitchen equipment available anywhere – valued at $600!

There is no obligation. As long as you refer 3 households who participate in the workshop, you will get your gift, guaranteed.*

IMPORTANT: If your guest is married or partnered, please invite the BOTH of them to watch.

Here’s what I will do…

• Send an email invite and call your referral couples to set up a time & date.

• Do an interactive zoom video call with the couples you referred.

• Share valuable nutritional information and conduct a carrot test.

• Conduct an unforgettable cookware toxicity test, instructing the guests do this test in their own cookware in their kitchen.

• Share some healthy recipes.

• After the 3 separate virtual demonstrations have been completed, you will receive a “Thank You” gift for helping us advertise!

As a “thank you” for helping to spread the word about nutrition and healthy cooking, you will get one of our Hosting Gifts.

– 3 qualified households must watch our live virtual demo separately for you to earn your gift. (See: Whom to Refer below)

– A $25 shipping charge applies to all free gifts.


Q: Why would you give away a quality gift? What’s the catch?

A: For advertising purposes, so that the next time you think about cooking products you will think about Saladmaster.

Q: Do we have to buy anything?

A: No one is obligated to purchase at their live demo, but we will show our specials and screen share brochures.

Q: How long does the event last?

A: Approximately 75 minutes.

What to say to your friends you’re referring:

I want to invite you to a fantastic virtual healthy cooking workshop with a Saladmaster cooking coach. It’s an entertaining, educational, healthy virtual cooking presenta­tion. At the end of the presentation, you will receive the recipes and have an opportunity to refer friends to earn a gift as well.

I just experienced one of these, and I liked it so much I decided to refer you because I thought you would enjoy it too!

I learned fascinating information about health & nutrition and watched a demonstration of an amazing cooking system. There’s absolutely no pressure to buy anything – all you have to do is watch their virtual demonstration on zoom and have an enjoyable evening of learning.

If you schedule and watch their demo, I’ll be earning a great referral gift.

Please do not discuss price, as your friends are under NO obligation to buy anything. They can just watch the demo, and experience the Saladmaster cooking system. Then, if they want to refer their friends they can earn a gift themselves.

Whom to Refer

Please refer dependable, responsible, qualified guests to watch our cooking show — people who are gainfully employed or who have a retirement income. We strongly encourage you to refer couples (partners or spouses who make purchasing decisions together), although no one is required to purchase anything from us for you to receive your referral gift.

Suggestions: Who to invite to a virtual demo

•Invite couples who are health conscious (or wanting to be).

•Invite couples who have health concerns.

•Invite people who like to cook.

•Invite couples who appreciate nice things.

•People looking for a part-time or full-time career opportunity also enjoy the show. We have a home based business opportunity.

Looking forward to a great nutrition and healthy cooking class, with your help!

Thank you,

Hannah (your Saladmaster Healthy Cooking Coach)