Sara Bar


Raw coconut meat – 20 oz

1 can of organic coconut cream (Not coconut milk!)

Organic Almond Butter – 16 ounces

Organic Gluten Free sprouted oats (s0ft flakes) – 32 ounces

Organic Spirulina – 6 ounces

Grass-fed Collagen Peptide powder – 6 ounces

Organic Hemp seeds – 16 ounces

Organic Apple Sauce – 12-ounce jar

Organic Raisins, Dates or Goji Berries – 6 ounces



Blend 20 ounces of raw Coconut meat to a pudding consistency.

Pour blended coconut meat into a large mixing bowl.

Add rest of ingredients.

Cover the pot and let it sit overnight.

Then, roll out the mixture between two-foot-long sheets of parchment
paper so they are ½ inch thick. Score them into the number of pieces
you would like.

Dehydrate them for 12-15 hours at high setting. After 8 hours, check
the consistency hourly to determine when they are ready.

If you do not have a dehydrator, you can put them on a pan in the oven
on the lowest temperature and leave the oven door slightly open for 6-
8 hours. The final consistency should be like a warm brownie.

Bars will harden a bit while cooling.

Stays fresh in the refrigerator for six months and in the freezer for


Contributed by:

Dr. Sara Kendall Gordon, L. Ac, DAOM

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