Saladmaster Famous Salad Cake

If you experienced this cake for the first time at a Saladmaster Healthy Cooking Show, please note in the demo we typically do 1/2 of this recipe (using 1/2 box cake mix and 1 T baking powder) and prepare it in the 9-inch skillet on the stovetop. Veggies are processed on Saladmaster Cone #1. Add enough veggies so it is the consistency of brownie batter. Fruit (raspberries, apple on cone #3 and/or strawberries) should cover the bottom of the pan.


1/6 head of green or red cabbage,

1 sm carrot

1 stalk celery

1 apple

½ small zucchini

2 Tablespoon baking power (aluminum-free) – or 2 eggs

1 box of your favorite cake mix (spice, chocolate or lemon) or *make your own 2 cups.

Fruit for the bottom of pan: 3 apples (cone #3) or 2 cups fresh or frozen fruit.

*Make your own Dry Cake Mix

2 3/4 cup flour (your choice pastry or gluten free)

1 3/4 cups sweetener

2 teaspoon non aluminum baking powder

3/4 tsp salt


Pour the cake mixture into a bowl; with SM machine cone #1 shred all of the vegetables & apple. Stir cake mix, veggies & baking powder or eggs in mixing bowl until moist. Use Saladmaster 5 qt pan, 11” skillet or Electric Oil Core Skillet.

Pour cake mixture into pan with the fruit already placed in the bottom of the pan.

Start cooking at medium heat, when the Vapo-valve starts clicking reduce heat to low. To check the cake put a tooth pick or knife in cake, when it comes out clean the cake is ready. If cake looks too moist leave lid ajar for 5-10 mins while cooking.

Flip the cake over onto a plate, let cool down and serve. 20 minutes cooking time.

Watch Hannah make the Saladmaster Salad Cake!

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