Dance & Dish with Hannah!

Dance has the power to release stress, invigorate the body, and bring a smile to your face. The combination of movement and music creates a magical elixir that lifts the spirits and rejuvenates the soul. When you add self-expression to a welcoming community atmosphere, it becomes a recipe for revitalization.

Did you know that dancing supports healthy digestion, which is vital for a strong immune system and a positive mindset? The undulations and shimmies of belly dance not only massage and tone the organs and muscles involved in digestion but also facilitate the flow of both food and emotions throughout the body. Nourishment happens on multiple levels, interconnected and intertwined. So, let’s step onto the dance floor and embark on a delightful journey of self-discovery and renewal.

Book a Healthy Cooking Show

In her role as Kitchen Muse, is available to offer immersive healthy cooking experiences in your home, studio, gym, or office.

Book a Dance Performance or Workshop

I am available to perform or guest teach at your event or educational institution. Contact me for details.

Dance & Dine with Hannah Romanowsky

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Persian and Middle Eastern Performances and Event Entertainment

Available for your wedding, corporate event, community celebration, ladies tea party, poetry reading, spiritual gathering, educational institution, film project, and more.

Dance Biography

Hannah Romanowsky, MA, is a highly experienced performing artist, teacher, and choreographer with a rich background in international dance arts. She has dedicated over 20 years to her craft and has established herself as a respected figure in the San Francisco Bay Area. Hannah is the founder of DanceVersity, a multicultural arts education program for youth, and the Scheherazade School of Dance & Sacred Movement. Her expertise in world dance traditions has made her a sought-after consultant for educational and artistic programs throughout the Bay Area.

As a performing artist, Hannah has graced prestigious venues such as the Asian Art Museum, de Young Museum, and Legion of Honor. She has been featured in the Ethnic Dance Festival at the Palace of Fine Arts, as well as international arts festivals and studios in Asia, Europe, and renowned institutions like the Houston Museum of Modern Art and the British Museum in London. Her impressive career includes faculty positions at the Afsaneh Dance Academy and collaborations with esteemed companies like Ballet Afsaneh and Wan-Chao Dance.

Hannah’s talent has been showcased for notable organizations and events, including Google, Facebook, Benefit Cosmetics, Oracle, Salesforce, and the Oakland Ballet. She has performed for various celebrities, wineries, charities, fundraisers, academic institutions, and private events. Particularly, she frequently entertains Persian and Central Asian communities across the United States, delivering authentic and uplifting dance performances alongside educational presentations.

Currently residing in Sonoma County, north of San Francisco, Hannah actively consults, coaches clients, teaches online classes and specialty workshops, and performs with her student troupe the Dunyazade Dance Ensemble. She specializes in Silk Road and Middle Eastern dance, offering workshops in Romani, Persian, Turkish, and Arabic dance. When she’s not immersed in dance, you can find Hannah joyfully dancing through her kitchen as she cooks up something delicious.