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Hannah Romanowsky, M.A. is a master artist and specialist in dance from the Middle-East, Central Asia, and North Africa. She also gives workshops and presentations in Romani (Gypsy) dance, dance and spirituality, and women’s tribal healing rituals.  An engaging educator, artist, and speaker, Hannah has devoted over 20 years to researching, embodying, and teaching women’s dance traditions from the Middle East, North Africa, and Central Asia. Ms. Romanowsky is available for speaking engagements, multi-media lecture-demo presentations, evening performances, full and half day workshops, and weekend experiential retreats. Below are a sampling of program offerings.


Shake, Spin, Sway: An Experiential Weekend of Women’s Ecstatic Dance Ritual


Are you part of a school or women’s group interested in explore deeper embodied connections to the Divine Feminine? Are you curious to learn about women’s indigenous traditions and shamanic history in the Middle East and surrounding regions? Craving to find new ways to experience more joy, release stress, and promote well-being while bonding with women past and present through dance?

This experiential two-day program is dedicated to reawakening the ancient connection between ritual dance, transformative healing, and women’s spirituality. One day and half-day options also available. Contact Hannah for details.


“I just spent two days with Hannah and a diverse group of spirited women on the Spin, Shake, Sway workshop exploring whirling and the Moroccan Guedra, and the experience made me reconnect with dancing at a very deep and intense level. I felt so alive and free in the space where your body and your soul intersect, and beauty and healing naturally happen. The location was magical and the perfect setting for our group.”
– Regina J.

“The potency of sacred women’s spaces was made evident to me during this beautiful two day healing dance ritual. That experience of learning, of playing, and of connecting to our feminine power through community and the container held so humbly and graciously by Hannah will stay with me forever, and has become fuel for a new passion in my life to explore Sufi and Berber traditional, meditative dance. My deepest gratitude goes to all women of the dance, now, and throughout all of time.”
– Kiva

“A week later and still relishing in the magical afterglow! Seriously, much to my surprise I am still reaping the benefits and riding the waves of such a weekend. Personally it was an end of an era, and what better way to initiate a new beginning, than to breathe in new life with ritual, spinning, baddass women, wonderful food, perfect location and gorgeous weather. Outstanding!”
– Melinda C.

Flame of the Heart:
An Evening of Mystical Dance Ritual


Performing artist, teacher, and dance ethnologist Hannah Romanowsky presents an evening of mystical and ritual dance inspired by the rich spiritual legacy of the Middle East, including the whirling of Sufi mystics, the zar healing ritual practiced among women of Egypt, Ethiopia, and the Sudan, and the Guedra blessing ceremony of North African Tuaregs.

Hannah can follow the performance with an informal presentation on the history of embodied spiritual practices in the Islamic world and Q&A.

*Other evening presentations include “Women’s Dances of the Silk Road” and “Hamsa: 5 Women’s Dances from the Middle East”.


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