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Pomegranates & Tea: An Introduction to Afghan Dance

In this home study video lesson you will become acquainted with some characteristics of Afghan women’s solo dance. (All levels) With purchase of this lesson package you will get:


  • Article by Hannah on Afghan dance
  • Video of choreography
  • Choreography breakdown with voice over instructions
  • Choreography notes
  • A list of resources for further cultural study, including books, articles, websites, documentaries, and archival dance videos
  • A curated music playlist including a list of 20 tracks good for dancing


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Afghan dance video tutorial PLUS 1 hr coaching with Hannah online or in person ($120 value) for $78 (35% discount)

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Persian Dance Technique & Choreography: “Garden of Roses”


Become introduced to Persian dance technique through learning a delightful choreography entitled “Persian Spring”, utilizing some of Hannah’s signature Persian dance vocabulary. This home study video lesson is appropriate for those with an intermediate level of dance experience, and is recommended (though not necessary) in conjunction with a private lesson (in person or Skype) or following a Persian dance workshop with Hannah.

This course includes:

Breakdown of vocabulary with voice-over

Choreography from the back (slow and full time)

Choreography viewed from the front (slow and full time)

Choreography notes Additional resources, including a curated list of 20 Persian dance tracks Hannah’s loves to dance to.


ADD ON: 1 hr coaching with Hannah ($120 value) for $78 (35% discount)


Turkish Roman Technique & Choreography: “Istanbul Nights”