Dances for Healing & Devotion

Book Hannah for sacred whirling and memorial dance performances to joyfully honor the life of a beloved

Inspired by Sufi mystical practices from the Middle East and Central Asia, and contemplative practices of the Christian tradition, Hannah presents devotional dance for ceremonies, rituals, places of worship, and rites of passage.  As the daughter of a minister with an academic background in integral psychology and spiritual development, Hannah has spent decades cultivating her art, deepening her interiority, and exploring the landscape of the body in movement as an expression of Soul.  She is devoted to sharing dance as an embodied spiritual practice and source of wisdom and healing.  If you are interested in having Hannah perform at your place of worship to honor a life passage or transition, please inquire. Hannah will collaborate with you to establish the intention and tone of the performance piece with regard to music, costuming, and mood.  Hannah would be honored to dedicate a dance for a loved one at funerals, memorial services, and life celebrations.

Hannah was consulted about her experiences performing for memorial services in So I Hear You’re Afraid of Dying by Rev George McLaird. She has performed joyful, life-affirming belly dance as well as Persian dance and Sufi whirling as part of funeral and memorial services in order to help loved ones send off their beloved and set their spirit free.

Some examples of Hannah’s work

“Prayer for the Children” ~ An improvisation performed the night of the Sandy Hook massacre:

Mary Lamenting at the Cross,  choreographed by Carla de Sola and performed at San Francisco’s Grace Cathedral and other places of worship as part of the Miriam’s Well project, produced by Miriam Peretz: