Belly Dance

Oriental Dance / Belly Dance / Womb Dance

Oriental dance, belly dance, womb dance – these are all names ascribed to the beautiful women’s solo art form known in Arabic as Raks Sharqi, or “Dance of the East”.  Dance has historically been a part of community celebrations and rites of passage all over the world.  In the Middle East a dancer may be hired to perform at weddings, bestowing blessings on the new couple for a life of joy, abundance, beauty, and fertility.

This beautiful feminine art form is perfect for weddings, showers, anniversaries, women’s gatherings, holiday parties, corporate events, galas, fundraisers, community celebrations, and cultural events.  A mini lesson can be included after the performance to get audience up dancing!

Scheherazade School of Sacred Dance
Photo by John Kalb
Performing with Stellamara at San Francisco’s de Young Museum (photo by Eye of Passion)