Performance Repetoire



“Garden of Roses” Persian / Iranian dance

Book Hannah for Nouruz, Yalda, weddings, and other celebrations highlighting Persian art, music, and poetry.




“Blessings from the Womb” Belly Dance

Book Hannah for your wedding, anniversary, bridal shower, baby shower,  birthday celebration, fundraiser, gala, or women’s gathering.





Dances of Healing and Devotion

Book Hannah for your sacred circles, ceremonies, rituals, and places of worship.




“Footprints in the Desert” Tribal and Folkloric Dances

Book Hannah for your community event, culturally-themed gathering, educational institution, and more





Performance Samples




“Hannah radiates an inner joy, a celebration of the divine, that glows and grows inside her audience. Watching Hannah dance, one is finds herself channeled into the timeless essence of feminine grace, connecting to all women past and present, freeing us to express our true innate beauty.” – Anne B.

“For the past three years Hannah’s performance and teaching has been a highlight of my annual women’s weekend. She is a gifted, creative, expert dancer who engages and amazes the audience with her style and skill. It’s beautiful to watch her flow, bend, glide, and shimmy. Bringing the observers into the dance, Hannah provides props and instruction. Dancing with her is a blast. All my women friends loved it. I highly recommend her for any event. She is personable and professional. Don’t hesitate, she’s great!” – Marcy Levine

“Hannah was every bit the talented artist, entertainer and professional at our wedding reception performance.  She brought with her the most interesting and authentic music and dance group, all of whom captured the attention of the guests and brought a whole new dynamic to the party.  Hannah is charming and engaging – two traits that make watching her perform an absolute delight.” -Kara W., San Rafael CA

“My husband & I were enchanted by Hannah’s dancing. Her movement is graceful and fluid; her every muscle is in the dance. Exquisite. She is also a beautiful woman with a smile that radiates delight – a sheer joy to watch.” -Donna G & Brad VE, Oakland, CA