Besides being a beautiful, skilled and knowledgeable dancer, Hannah was an excellent teacher. She was organized in her method so that students learned steps and technique which were then incorporated into a choreography, we could take home with us and practice. Hannah was able to work with varied dance levels in the class and adjust as needed while maintaining the integrity of the dance genre and style. It was amazing to have learned 2 complete choreographies and learn so many new and wonderful movements. The class was a lot of fun, and Hannah made everyone feel at ease and able. I look forward to taking future workshops with her and seeing her perform. ~Saundra S.

Hannah’s workshop on Afghan dance was exhilarating, joyful, and educational.  I felt uplifted afterwards, and emerged after the class with a positive feeling of lightness. ~Kristen L.

Hannah Romanowsky is one of the most knowledgeable dancers to study with on the dance circuit. Her desire to share her talent and vast understanding of world dance and culture makes her a must-have master instructor for any dancer to train with.  And the best part about Hannah Romanowsky is there isn’t an ounce of diva in her! ~ Rebecca D.

Here’s what you need to know about Hannah if you are considering hiring her: Yes, you will get a lot of material and it is excellent content. You will get way more than your money’s worth! ~ Gina G


“As Hannah dances, she mesmerizes with the interplay of hands, hips, scarves, belly, feet, and syncronicity with the music. Hannah radiates an inner joy, a celebration of the divine, that glows and grows inside her audience.

Watching Hannah dance, one is finds herself channeled into the timeless essence of feminine grace, connecting to all women past and present, freeing us to express our true innate beauty. To connect with a very special place inside yourself: gather a circle of friends, place Hannah in the center, start the drum, and lose yourself in the rhythm and flow of her sensual undulating dance.” – Anne B.

“For the past three years Hannah’s performance and teaching has been a highlight of my annual women’s weekend. She is a gifted, creative, expert dancer who engages and amazes the audience with her style and skill. It’s beautiful to watch her flow, bend, glide, and shimmy. Bringing the observers into the dance, Hannah provides props and instruction. Dancing with her is a blast. All my women friends loved it. I highly recommend her for any event. She is personable and professional. Don’t hesitate, she’s great!” – Marcy Levine

“Hannah was just amazing. I loved planning my event with her. She was very professional. She had great ideas and an understanding of what I wanted. She was punctual and had everything under control from when she arrived until her departure. Her dancing was amazing and her ability to get all involved was just how I imagined. I highly recommend her.” -Carole M., Mill Valley CA

“Hannah was every bit the talented artist, entertainer and professional at our wedding reception performance.  She brought with her the most interesting and authentic music and dance group, all of whom captured the attention of the guests and brought a whole new dynamic to the party.  Hannah is charming and engaging – two traits that make watching her perform an absolute delight.” -Kara W., San Rafael CA

“My husband & I were enchanted by Hannah’s dancing. Her movement is graceful and fluid; her every muscle is in the dance. Exquisite. Ms Romanza is also a beautiful woman with a smile that radiates delight. She is a sheer joy to watch.” -Donna G & Brad VE, Oakland, CA


Hannah Romanowsky has been one of the most inspirational people in (my daughter’s) life. Hannah is not just a beautiful dancer and extraordinary dance teacher; she is also an excellent model of qualities such as patience, humor, respect, positive attitude, and grace under pressure.”  -Susan L.

“Hannah loves transmitting her knowledge of world dance to kids and they feel it. She engages them in both the movements and the understanding of the traditions of the dances. The kids learn to appreciate the pure joy of moving, the history of the dances and choreographing their own pieces. It’s great to see the kids enjoying the discipline of the different traditions while having a lot of fun.”  –Vince D.

“My daughter simply glows each time she hears the word “DanceVersity.”  In this program she has grown, made friends, explored healthy ways to use and relate to her body, and delved into how a disciplined art creates true freedom for expression.  As a Head of School I wish all our students could, on a regular basis, have this level of engagement, creative exploration, hard work, inspired support, and old fashioned fun.”  -Michael Riera, Head of School, Redwood Day School, Oakland CA

“We build our summer around this camp because my daughter wouldn’t miss any of it for the world! Hannah and her team of instructors are outstanding and passionate about what they do.  They teach with real respect for the students, as well as the cultural traditions they are learning about.” -Parent

“The girls’ dances are beautiful, their self esteem palatable, and their pleasure vibrant. My daughter rates this as one of her all-time favorite ways to spend her summer.”-Parent

“I saw our kids sample the delectable feast of cultures, expressed in music and dance. . . pushing back the horizons of their own humanity as they experienced how so many others around the world express theirs. They experienced not only all the fun, beauty, and physical fitness of the week, but also their own persistence and success at working hard, over time, to achieve something of value.” -Parent

“It was inspiring to watch my daughter develop more knowledge and appreciation of other cultures, and the universal joy of rhythm and movement.”

“DanceVersity is my all-time favorite summer camp. I’ve gone for three years and I’ve learned 20 million different kinds of dance.” – Sage L., age 9

“DanceVersity camp at Ashkenaz is an important find for any parent of a young girl interested in world music and dance.  Each day, the girls are introduced to three to five different cultures through dance, with professional dancers who have taken time out from their work to spend an hour, the afternoon, the day or the entire week with fresh faces and amazing enthusiasm.  Watching the kids perform at the end of a week of camp is inspiring – they work together effortlessly, sometimes choreographing their own dances and by the end the week, they have made new friends.  It’s one of the few camps that invites middle school kids, often girls at that “awkward” teen or pre-teen stage.  DanceVersity allows them a free space to be comfortable in their own skin when that is not always easy – the girls’ dances are beautiful, their self esteem palatable, and their pleasure vibrant. My daughter rates this as one of her all-time favorite ways to spend her summer and one she will attend again and again.  Thanks to Hannah Romanowsky for the hard work and commitment to working with kids!” -Parent, Oakland CA


“Belly Dance for Teens”, DVD by Hannah Romanza, is a masterpiece in educational dance video. This is a valuable treatment of the individual body movements used in this complex dance style. Hannah begins with a beautiful inspirational dance and handles each of the following technique sections with ease and joy. Teachers of any style of dance will be inspired by the organization of the material and teaching techniques. It should be considered as a valuable resource.” -Jerry Duke, Ph.D., Professor of Dance, SFSU

Cultural Arts Edutainer; Specialist in Middle-Eastern and Central Asian Dance

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