Honoring Enheduanna on International Women’s Day

March 09, 2018

Today is International Women’s Day, a time to honor the contributions of women in society, and those figures who stand as beacons of inspiration and role models for women and girls today. I think of Enheduanna, Sumerian High Priestess of Inanna and the first known author by name, a woman of great power and influence who lived from 2285-2250 BC, and whose literary contributions can still be seen in poetic form today.

Enheduanna was a princess, daughter of a priestess and Sargon the Great, who himself was born to a priestess. Enheduanna was High-Priestess to the sky god Nanna, presiding over the temple complex in the city of Ur and influencing the people’s relationship with the Mesopotamian gods through her writings. She had a passionate relationship with the goddess Inanna, precursor to Ishtar, and is known for three great collections of hymns, very personal in style, in exaltation of Her.

Now that you know a little bit able Enheduanna , let’s return to the present: How did we get from there – a powerful woman being the first author in recorded history to sign her name on her writings – to generations of women and girls not receiving a basic education or be allowed to participate in civic and religions leadership? Indeed, times changed, societal values changed, leadership changed. And they are changing again.

From #Metoo to Time’s Up, we all bear witness to the movements underway to rebalance the scales. Women are stepping up, coming together, and demanding to be heard – and it seems the time is ripe for society to change.  Spiritual work goes hand-in-hand with the social-political.  Our world can no longer afford to NOT listen to women.  It is time to step into our sovereignty.  It is time to speak out as Enheduanna did.

Scheherazade, while not a historical figure like Enheduanna, is a powerful archetype to channel. Learn more about Scheherazade here.

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