Hello, from my LIVING room to yours

May 18, 2020

Greetings, from my LIVING room to yours. (No, this is not a pic of my living room, but a girl can dream, right?)
In a sense we’ve all been stopped in our tracks, though life certainly continues, doesn’t it? Perhaps by now you have found a new tempo, a new skip -or trip- in your step, a new melody to follow, and new ways to embody your self and inhabit your space.
One of the life skills learned as a dancer is that when you don’t know the choreography, IMPROVISE. Improvisation may not always result in a polished presentation, but it can yield a sincerely human one. And isn’t that what we’re all craving these days? 
In need of some fresh air, Tom and I took a drive along Shoreline Highway by Stinson Beach. Pulling over at the crest of the ravine, we sat on the hood of the car facing the ocean as the wind gusted against our faces. It was intoxicating, inhaling the sea air and the fragrant smell of wildflowers. We could see the curve of the earth as the blue sun-glistening sea extended calmly to the horizon with arms outstretched in both directions. Above us a majestic bird hovered in place for what seemed like minutes, suspended in perfect harmony, not falling back or advancing, mastering stillness in motion. The sight made us catch our breath. 
Aren’t we, too, suspended in space, given all that is in flux and motion? Even as we stay in place, we are testing the strength of our wings.
Tom, my Partner-in-Thyme, and I are dancing and cooking, cooking and dancing (and, yes, also watching lots of Netflix) – grateful to have creative, meaningful work with all of its joys and technical hurdles. We’ve been stretching our wings, as not doubt you have, too. We transformed our cozy San Rafael apartment into the HanaTomic Productions Living Big Room Studio, teaching over 10 classes a week and shooting videos for our clients ages 5 to 80. 
For two months I offered Facebook Live belly dance classes regularly. Many of you tuned in, and many sent donations. Thank you! It meant a lot to feel your support. I will be re-purposing many of those videos and creating new ones, making them available for your use. Some are posted on my Facebook business page if you missed them. While you’re there, please “like” my page. 🙂
Though I am not longer doing regular Facebook Live videos, I am compiling a collection of videos of all my “Shake your Shakti” class material exclusively for my email subscribers. You can access them HERE… but you will need the secret password from my latest newsletter.  More will be added weekly, so be sure to bookmark the page.
For a livestream class experience join me on Zoom Tues/Thurs at 10:30.  More details
We don’t know when we will meet again in person, so in the meantime please use the resources I am making available to keep dance in your life. It is an important part of your home care, providing physical, emotional, and spiritual support.
The practice videos I am providing are my gift to you, but if your budget allows donations are welcomed and very appreciated at Venmo @Hannah-Romanowsky or paypal.me/HannahRomanowsky.
Lots of love to you, and keep dancing!
Air hugs and shimmies,