Weekly Dance Classes with Hannah

in San Rafael, Novato, and on Zoom

Each month I highlight a different region, theme, style, or choreography in my dance classes. Taking students on a heart-centered musical journey around the world keeps the brain stimulated through different melodies, rhythms, and instruments, trains the body to adapt to change, and expands our embodied language vocabulary and ability to connect with peoples far and wide. In addition to learning technique and exercising the body, my classes are intellectually edifying, providing an opportunity to expand our knowledge of history, geography, art, and cultures. Best of all, we have a lot of fun and it’s a great way to release stress!

Classic Belly Dance Routine

December & January Dance Class Series

Contact me for more information.

Classes are held Sat 10:30a @ BodyVibe Studio in San Rafael, Tues 11a @ Love2Dance Studio in Novato, and Thurs 10:30a on Zoom. Recorded classes are also available. Message me for details.

Class rates: $20 drop-in, $180 10-class card, $60 for month-long series. Venmo @Hannah-Romanowsky. Also accepting cash, check, Paypal, or Square.

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Past Weekly Class Workshop Series