Saladmaster Healthy Cooking Show

You need one of these!

Do you try to eat healthily but have a hard time getting more vegetables in your diet? The Saladmaster food processor will change everything for you!  This item is not for sale but can be earned through hosting one of our famous Healthy Cooking Show dinner parties or through referrals. 

Saladmaster Food Processor Demo from Saladmaster on Vimeo.


How to Host a Saladmaster Healthy Cooking Show


Let us cook for you!

We would like to offer you an opportunity to invite your friends (3 couples or up to 12 guests total, including yourself) to a delicious catered dinner at your home. All you have to do is let us prepare a meal using our heart-healthy cooking system, watch our presentation and enjoy the food. We take care of everything, and we even clean up afterward!

No Cost to You

Our advertising promotion is a great-tasting, low-calorie, heart-healthy meal prepared fresh for you and your family and friends. This fun and educational meal will serve 6 to 12 people at no cost to you. There are no gimmicks or catches.

FREE Hosting Gift!

When you host an in-home cooking demo, you will receive a piece of the highest quality kitchen equipment available anywhere (valued at up to $540) as a free hosting gift! There is no obligation. You will get your gift, guaranteed.*

Here’s What You Get

Choose from one of the following hosting gifts:*

Saladmaster Machine

Mini Wok

Saladmaster Knives

Tea Kettle


At least 6 qualified guests or 3 qualified couples must attend your event.

(See “Whom to Invite,” below.)

A $25 shipping charge applies to all free gifts.

Here’s What We Do

Arrive 20 to 30 minutes early to set up.

Furnish ALL the food.

Prepare a complete, delicious, and nutritious meal while you and your guests watch.

Share valuable nutritional information.

Conduct an unforgettable cookware toxicity test.

Clean up after ourselves.

Present you with a FABULOUS hosting gift certificate as a “Thank You” for helping us advertise!


Entrée (choose 1 of these 3)

1. Enchilada Pie (vegan)

Layered with summer squash, corn tortillas, green chilies, black beans, mild enchilada sauce, and vegan cheese (gluten-free)

2. Lasagna (vegan)

Layered with marinara sauce, diced tomatoes, pasta, tofu ricotta, fresh spinach, mushrooms, and zucchini. Topped with vegan cheese.

(We can make it gluten-free, too).

3. Oil-Free Fried Chicken with Mushrooms

Side Dishes

Low-Carb Potato with yams & onions

Fresh Organic Vegetable Medley

(broccoli, carrots, cabbage, sweet corn)


Fresh Rainbow Salad Slaw with Oil and Lemon


Famous Organic Salad Cake

(choose 1)

Chocolate Cake with Raspberries

Apple Spice Cake with Apples

Lemon Cake with Blueberries

All can be made gluten-free & vegan.


Meet your Saladmaster Nutritional Chefs!



Hannah Romanowsky

Hannah is a professional dancer and teacher completing her certification in Functional Nutrition. She is passionate about enriching lives through nourishing food, community, laughter, and the arts. Hannah loves sharing life-enhancing tools and techniques that help people flourish.




   Julie Neustadter

Julie grew up helping her mother in the kitchen and it is there she learned to love cooking and became an excellent chef.  Julie has a BA in Psychology from UC Santa Cruz and is a Certified Holistic Health Coach. She has a passion for helping people find what nurtures and lights them up in life. 



Have questions? Call or text: 415-794-7463.

And let us know what you want to eat!

Looking forward to a great in-home cooking demo, with your help.

Thank you!

Hannah & Julie

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