Let’s Get Cooking!



Dance & Dish Workshops

Group classes: $200 for 2 hours of dance and cooking instruction

Like to dance? Like to cook? Longing to fulfill your wanderlust but stuck at home? Letโ€™s travel together without leaving your kitchen! Gather your friends together at your home (safety protocols observed) or on Zoom for a fun and festive dance and cooking class with professional dancer and healthy cooking coach Hannah Romanowsky!





Saladmaster Healthy Cooking Classes

Healthy Cooking Class Live or Virtual – FREE!

Learn about how different types of cookware affect your food, and learn strategies for maintaining more nutrition and flavor when cooking.  Host a live Saladmaster lunch or dinner party at your home and earn free Saladmaster products! All you need is six hungry, health-conscious friends.  Virtual one-on-one healthy cooking classes also available.