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About Romanza Dance

Romanza is a short lyrical song. It is also the name given to Hannah’s signature dance style, rooted in belly dance technique and drawing inspiration from Arabic, Turkish, Persian, Central Asian, Indian, flamenco, tango, and Romani dance traditions. Drawing from 35 years of training in eastern and western classical and traditional/folkloric dance, Romanza Dance sways with elegance, joyfulness, sensuality, and lyricism.




Join us on Zoom Tues & Thurs @ 10:30 AM (PST) for an eclectic, heart-warming blend of belly dance technique, Persian, Moroccan, Bollywood, Fusion, and more – Romanza Dance style! I bring 35 years of multidisciplinary dance experience to my classes, to provide a joyful place for learning, movement, music, and inspiration.In my classes, you will: practice belly dance technique, become acquainted with traditional dance and music from the Middle East and beyond, and explore new movement through elegant and alluring fusion choreography. I keep the class moving, so you sweat and smile!




Payment Options

The best deal is to sign up for the monthly automatic payment plan at the following rate:

$50 ~ one class/week (4 classes)

$75 ~ two classes/week (8 classes)

$100 ~ 3 classes/week (12 classes)

*Note one of my three weekly classes is outdoors at a park in Marin County CA @ Wednesdays 4-5pm.  For those attending both online and in-person classes, for your convenience you can pay for them together here. MORE INFO about live class

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Other Payment Options

One month pay-as-you go rate (4 classes): $60

First class is sliding scale (pay what you will). After that, the single class drop-in rate is $18

For drop-in class and pay-as-you-go 4-week:
Venmo @Hannah-Romanowsky or Paypal me


Membership-based Zoom Classes

Tuesdays & Thursdays 10:30-11:30 am PST
Romanza Dance Technique & Choreography 
Zoom class link and practice video library made available after purchase.
Live classes also available!

Membership Perks & Benefits


Romanza Dance Online Membership Benefits Include:

      • Access to a growing database of practice videos, including: zoom class choreography breakdowns, beginning belly dance movement meditations, belly-dance along videos, and more
      • Private student Facebook group where I will post videos, inspirations, and resources
      • Ability to ask questions, get feedback, and make requests
      • Discounts for private lessons
      • Discounts on special topic webinars
      • First dibs when Hannah gives away costume pieces 😉
* Questions? Contact me.

Hannah Romanowsky, M.A., has been researching, embodying, and teaching women’s dances from the Middle East, North Africa, and Central Asia and beyond for over two decades. She is devoted to enriching lives and celebrating the beauty, joy, and healing benefits of world music and dance. Read Hannah’s professional bio

Practicing moves at Shake your Shakti Wed Belly Dance Class at BodyVibe Studio
Hannah demonstrating a pose