Dance & Dish Cooking and Dance Parties

 Cultural Dance and Culinary Classes for you and your friends – 2 hours workshop $300

Like to dance, eat, and explore the world?  Let’s journey to far-away lands together without leaving your kitchen!  Hannah will teach you how to make an easy, nutritious dish (or two) inspired by a culinary tradition from Morocco, Turkey, Russia, Iran, Spain, Egypt, and more.

You and your friends will also have the opportunity to explore dance from that country. 

Dance, party and food – how great is that? Learn to dance and cook in the flavor of different cultures! Contact Hannah to learn more.

As a healthy cooking coach, I focus on nutritionally dense, primarily plant-based meals. Different diets can be accommodated. All my food is proudly prepared on Saladmaster cookware, so you can be assured your food is being prepared on the cleanest and safest cookware available.

Workshop options include dance and dishes from Morocco, Egypt, Iran, Spain, Turkey, and Russia. Inquire for details.