Hello, I’m Hannah!

Call me your Kitchen Muse! As a professional dance artist, teacher, and nutritional coach, my mission is to guide individuals on a transformative path towards enhanced vitality and well-being. I am deeply passionate about the synergistic healing potential found in the arts of movement, music, and nourishing food. Having personally experienced the profound benefits of these practices on my own health and happiness, I am eager to share them with you.

With a focus on making healthy home cooking more accessible, my aim is to equip you with the necessary tools, knowledge, and resources to dance your way through the kitchen. Together, we will embark on a journey that simplifies the process of preparing nourishing meals, enabling you to embrace a joyful and healthful culinary experience.


Food holds tremendous healing power, and the act of cooking can encompass self-care, creative expression, and love.

By reclaiming the art of home-cooked meals, we engage in a profound and revolutionary practice. Our homes become the starting point for healthcare, and we, as cooks, become the primary care physicians. Opting for processed and convenience foods robs our bodies of essential nutrients and externalizes our healthcare. To truly thrive, we must prioritize nourishment.

I advocate treating ourselves with grace and kindness, cultivating a deep respect for our bodies and the fuel we provide them. Empowered by the right tools and knowledge, we can approach our food with both reverence and playfulness. I do not endorse any specific diet, but rather champion the uniqueness of each individual’s physiology, life experiences, circumstances, and the inherent healing potential of our bodies. Together, we can explore the nutritional nudges and lifestyle adaptations that will support your well-being and facilitate your body’s innate ability to heal.


Are you striving to provide your family with healthy meals but find yourself lacking the time, resources, and inspiration in the kitchen?

Rest assured, I have the solutions you need!

If you’re facing health challenges and seeking support on your healing journey,

I am here to assist you.

Together, we can explore ways to nourish your body and regain your vitality. Whether you desire to feel more empowered in the kitchen or require guidance in improving your overall well-being,

I am dedicated to helping you achieve your goals.

Nourishing our bodies with wholesome food is a powerful way to uplift our mood and enhance our well-being.

By making conscious choices to provide our bodies with nutrient-rich meals, we can create a positive impact on our emotional state, promoting a sense of vitality and positivity. Embracing the connection between nourishment and mood, let’s prioritize feeding ourselves with wholesome goodness to cultivate a happier and healthier life.

Optimal digestion is a fundamental aspect of both health and happiness. It’s not solely about the food we consume, but also about how our bodies effectively absorb and metabolize nutrients. The intricate processes occur within our gut, profoundly influencing our emotional, mental, and physical well-being. Recognizing the significant impact of our body’s response to what we eat, I am here to support and simplify your journey towards a healthier lifestyle. Together, let’s navigate the path to improved well-being, empowering you to achieve greater vitality and overall wellness.

A Passionate Team of Healers

Recognizing the power of collaboration, I am grateful to be surrounded by an extraordinary team of healers who share a common mission of healing our communities and our planet. This diverse group includes nutritionists, acupuncturists, chiropractors, therapists, bodyworkers, and various health and wellness practitioners. If you are facing health challenges and seeking answers, I am here to provide guidance and support. Feel free to reach out and ask for referrals, as I am more than happy to connect you with the right resources to assist you on your healing journey. Together, we can navigate the path to well-being and create positive transformations in your life.

What does Cooking have to do with Dance?

The harmonious interplay of music and food nourishes both the soul and the body, each providing its unique form of sustenance. The diverse flavors of sound and taste offer not only physical nutrients but also spiritual medicine. Dance, on the other hand, serves as a way for the body to process and digest emotions.

Dance, music, and food preparation are cultural practices that connect us and carry with them ancient wisdom and spiritual nourishment. They reflect the creativity and healing power ingrained in human culture, embodying diverse expressions of movement, music, and dietary traditions that can foster well-being. Through these embodied arts, we cultivate respect and trust for our bodies and engage in a dialogue with the natural world. Drawing upon my background in cultural arts, dance anthropology, and embodied healing practices, I emphasize the value of developing an intuitive relationship with the body. As permeable beings, what we consume profoundly influences our physical appearance, thoughts, emotions, and overall quality of life.

My Background

With over 25 years of experience as a professional performing artist, movement arts consultant, choreographer, and teacher, my journey has been deeply rooted in the world of dance. Growing up immersed in classical western dance and participating in community musical theater productions, I developed a passion for the arts. However, my curiosity led me to explore anthropology, history, culture, religion, and psycho-spiritual healing practices, which ultimately drew me to study and embrace the dance traditions of the Near East, North Africa, and Central Asia. This led me to obtain degrees in Dance Ethnology and East-West Psychology.

Throughout my career as a performing artist, I had the privilege of participating in various cultural rituals, community events, and weddings. It was during these experiences that I recognized the integral role of food in these celebrations. Each form of dance and music became a unique form of medicine and spiritual nourishment. In my view, music serves as the aroma and flavor that inspires the dance, allowing us to process and digest our emotions.

Just as biological diversity promotes healing in our planet, dietary diversity promotes healing in our bodies. By expanding our choices, we enhance our capacity for adaptation and healing. It brings me immense joy to inspire others to explore new ways of moving their bodies, delve into the healing arts from different cultural perspectives, and teach them how to create nourishing meals that feed both the body and soul. Movement, music, and nourishing food, along with elements like beauty, art, nature, healing touch, laughter, and community, are all essential for a healthy and fulfilling life. So, let’s infuse your life with flavor and color. Let’s embark on a journey of culinary exploration and discovery together!

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Like to cook, or want to learn how?

Home cooking’s healing benefits are gaining renewed recognition just in time. Our health has suffered from our reliance on fast food, industrialized culture, and exposure to toxins. I aim to empower you in the kitchen, making cooking a joyful, fulfilling, and nourishing experience.

Remember, the kitchen is where healthcare starts, and the cook is the family’s primary caregiver.

Like to dance, or want to learn how?

Dance, like healing foods, is ancient medicine. It originated at the hearth, fostering culture and communication through music and language. What better way to uplift your spirits and change your mood than through dance, music, and nourishing food?

Movement is crucial for digestion and overall well-being. Join my online classes or book a dance workshop or event!

The cookware you use matters.

We often focus on eating healthy but overlook the importance of food preparation. What we use in our cooking environment ends up in our bodies, and the small daily actions we take make a significant difference.

Toxins released from cookware can impact the taste and nutritional value of our food. By using the safest and purest cookware, you can safeguard the well-being of your loved ones.

Let’s dance!

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Healthy Cooking for Dancers

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