Bring the Shake, Spin, Sway Weekend Workshop to Your Town

Are you yearning for a deeper connection to your feminine life force? Curious about women’s indigenous traditions and shamanic history in the Middle East and surrounding regions? Craving to experience more joy, release stress, and promote well-being while bonding with women past and present through dance?

If so, this workshop is for you! No previous dance experience required!

Where FORM meets SPIRIT: This weekend is dedicated to reawakening the ancient connection between ritual dance, transformative healing, and women’s spirituality.

Over the course of the weekend you will:

  • Learn about dance and its relationship to women’s spiritual leadership in the ancient world
  • Learn about authentic sacred and healing embodied practices from the Middle East and beyond
  • Experience for yourself ritual movements used to open the heart, facilitate personal and collective healing, and commune with the Divine through ecstatic and trance states
  • Participate in a transformative closing group ritual
  • Come away with techniques and tools to allow you to recreate the ritual for yourself as part of your own spiritual practice
  • Receive access to music and slideshow presentations for future viewing
  • Join a community of dancing women with whom you can tap into for nourishment

Above all, you will dance away inspired, fulfilled, grounded in your body, and with a deeper sense of your own capacity for healing and integration through ritual and dance.

How you will benefit:

  • Greater flow, vibrancy, and health in your body
  • Connection to lineage of ancient women’s healing traditions
  • Greater attunement to your sensual feminine energy
  • Release of stress and dis-ease in mind and body
  • Opening of the heart and grounding of the body
  • A bubbling up of delight and joy
  • Tools and practices you can take with you into your life
  • New friendships and community of women


  • Friday evening performance and meet-and-greet
  • 12 hours of instruction and activities Saturday and Sunday
  • A copy for you to keep of all slideshow webinars presented
  • Music and a special souvenir to take home with you

Registration Fee: $294
Fall Weekend Intensive Dates in Marin County CA: TBA

Want to bring Shake, Spin Sway to your town? Contact Hannah for a quote.

What People Are Saying

“The potency of sacred women’s spaces was made evident to me during this beautiful two day healing dance ritual. That experience of learning, of playing, and of connecting to our feminine power through community and the container held so humbly and graciously by Hannah will stay with me forever, and has become fuel for a new passion in my life to explore Sufi and Berber traditional, meditative dance. My deepest gratitude goes to all women of the dance, now, and throughout all of time.”
– Kiva

“I just spent two days with Hannah and a diverse group of spirited women on the Spin, Shake, Sway workshop exploring whirling and the Moroccan Guedra, and the experience made me reconnect with dancing at a very deep and intense level. I felt so alive and free in the space where your body and your soul intersect, and beauty and healing naturally happen. The location was magical and the perfect setting for our group. I look forward to a fall workshop and a monthly meeting.”
– Regina J

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