Silk Road Journeys: Dancing across Central Asia


Dances of the Silk Road – Sunday Nov 6th @ 5-7pm

Mill Valley Golf Clubhouse

267 Buena Vista Avenue

Mill Valley CA 94941

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Experience the exquisite joy and colorful beauty of Central Asia’s rich artistic heritage as Hannah Romanowsky presents 5 dances from Uzbekistan and Tajikistan. Samarkand, Bukhara, and other ancient cities of Middle Asia were once world centers of commerce and trade; and the wealth created from their strategic position along the vast network of trading routes we call the Silk Road contributed to the development of high artistic traditions, including music and dance.  Connecting the great civilizations of China and India in the east, through Persia, to Rome and Arabia in the west, the trade routes facilitated not only the transmission of precious goods, but of technology, art, and religion. The dancers and musicians of Central Asia traveled with the caravans to as far away as Chang’an (present day Xi’an) where they were immensely popular in the courts of the Tang dynasty. 

In addition to highlighting the rich cultural legacy of the history Silk Road, Hannah will address the shamanic traditions still alive in Central Asia, how pre-Islamic mystical practices intertwine with mainstream religion in these predominately Muslim countries, and what effect the Soviet era had on both art and religion.

This informative and entertaining evening will feature dance performances in traditional regalia, multi-media presentations, and an informal talk and Q&A. 

Refreshments included. Bring a potluck dish to share!

BIO: Hannah Romanowsky is an ethnochoreologist and edutainer from the San Francisco bay area specializing in women’s dances from Central and Western Asia. She has over 30 years of experience training, teaching, and performing world dance traditions, and has performed at museums and festivals throughout Asia, Europe, and North America. Hannah is founder of the DanceVersity multicultural youth arts education program and holds degrees in both Dance Ethnology and East-West Psychology.  She was a featured artist with the esteemed Ballet Afsaneh for 10 years, where she trained in Persian and Central Asian dance under the directorship of Sharlyn Sawyer. In 2011 she joined a team of dance scholar-artists as part of the Tajik Dance Initiative where she studied traditional dance in Dushanbe and the Pamir Mountains of Tajikistan.